Restoring a Vibrant Thriving Economy
Our country has never slammed the brakes on the economy, as has been done to stop the spread of the virus. Fortunately, we had a thriving economy and full employment at the start. As a result, we were going from "great to bad" rather than from "bad to worse."

Governments at all levels will have a big role in setting policy to get the economic engine up and running again. This is not a time for opportunists to "never let a good crisis go to waste" by advancing their agenda of endless government expansion and control and higher taxes.

We must reduce the tax and regulatory burden to stimulate the rapid recovery and sustained growth and prosperity of the economy.

Promoting Affordable and Accessible Health Care
Protect choice of coverage and providers and ensure that every Kansan has quality affordable health care options. Maximize free-market solutions to provide an array of choices so all Kansans have access to quality health care and a plan that best meets their needs.

Supporting Student Success
Promote quality student-focused education. Ensure tax dollars are being used efficiently and are centered on the classroom. I believe what parents want most is a great education for their children and that will be my focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you pro-life? Yes, I support life including the unborn.
What is your stand on the 2nd Amendment? I am a supporter of 2nd Amendment rights. Law-abiding citizens have the right to own guns. Imposing more restrictive laws on those that obey laws doesn't deal with crimes committed by those that don't care about laws.