Reducing Taxes
  • Eliminated state sales tax on food by 2025
  • increase the standard deduction for all Kansans
  • Ended automatic property tax increases by requiring notifications and a public vote by local taxing entities
  • Reformed tax law to allow Kansans to take itemized deductions on state returns even if they take standard deduction on federal returns
Supporting Our Students & Teachers
  • Fully funded our schools while increasing opportunities for our kids to succeed
  • Provided individual income tax credit for Kansans teachers who purchase classroom supplies out of their own pockets
  • Enacted "Promise Scholarships" to support community college education and keep graduates in Kansas
Demanding Fiscal Responsibility
  • Paid off debt and shored up our teachers' (state employees) retirement fund saving millions in future interest payments
  • Passed balanced budgets with large surpluses and rainy day funds
Keeping Our Communities Safe
  • Supported law enforcement with the tools they need and increased penalties for violent crime
  • Protected women from sexual extortion and closed loopholes to prevent stalking
  • Stopped sanctuary cities
Improving Health Care Access
  • Increased access to tele-medicine
  • Created 988 hotline to help prevent suicide
  • Revolutionized our community mental heaalth system, using CCBHC model


Fighting Inflation
Inflation is at a 40 year high and is straining household budgets. While much of it is due to irresponsible decisions in Washington, we must act to provide relief through common sense tax and fiscal policies at the state level.

Excellence in Education
Fully fund schools with an emphasis on academic achievement, parent involvement and directing funding towards teachers and classrooms. We have no greater asset than our children and no greater responsibility than to educate them well.

Grow the Economy
Support responsible investment and private sector growth. Decrease stifling regulations, fix the unemployment system, and encourage entrepreneurs to set up shop in Kansas.

Health Care Access
Continue to enact reforms that provide consumers more affordable choices and the ability to access the care they need, including mental health services.

Preserve Law & Order
Crime is an increasing concern for all of us. We must back the blue by providing law enforcement the resources they need to do their jobs.


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